5 Health Benefits of Cannabis You Need to Know

Cannabis contains more than 120 components that are known as cannabinoids, but the most important one here is Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD can improve brain function without inducing euphoria, while THC has analgesic qualities.

These two components serve many medical purposes. And here at Irvine Weed Delivery, we bring you 5 of these benefits.

● Helps With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is recognized as one of the strongest forms of pain experienced globally. Each person experiences it differently, and it always has unavoidable effects, like mental health issues due to enduring prolonged discomfort.

A recent scientific study discovered evidence that individuals treated with cannabis reported a 50% drop in pain after receiving treatment.

● Slow Cancer Progression

The potential of cannabis as a treatment for cancer patients has gained attention in recent years. Several clinical studies have found evidence suggesting that cannabinoids can delay cancer progression, inhibit proliferation, angiogenesis, and chemoresistance invasion, induce apoptosis, and have additional properties that have generated interest in complementing treatments by helping to counteract adverse effects.

● Helps with Sleep DisordersWeed Helps with Sleep Disorders

A night of good quality sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health, good daily functioning, and optimal well-being, but sleep disorders are present in today’s society worldwide. Cannabis use helps with sleep issues. In general, cannabis use competes favorably with non-prescription sleeping pills, especially those containing diphenhydramine and doxylamine, which constitute more than 80% of the market.

● Helps with Epilepsy

Epilepsy, one of the most prevalent illnesses of the nervous system affecting individuals of all ages, is a neurological ailment marked by recurring seizures. Currently, the use of cannabinoids in seizure regulation and side effects has recently been the focus of the study. Clinical studies have

been able to identify the THC component in several receptors related to the structure involved in epilepsy. Similarly, the activity of CBD has a regulator linked to seizure inhibition or stimulation.

CBD may inhibit or enhance antiepileptic medications. CBD may lessen seizures in CDKL5-deficient patients, Aicardi syndrome, Doose syndrome, and Dup15q syndrome. Moreover, CBD has maintained its effectiveness throughout the scientific experiment.

Weed Helps with Migraine


● Helps Migraine Headache

Chronic migraine affects 1-2% of the population and has always been treated with NSAIDs, paracetamol, and even antidepressants. Over time, patients who undergo medical cannabis treatment report significantly fewer migraine attacks and a decreased need for painkillers to treat them.

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Disclaimer: This site provides an informative overview of the health of cannabis use, but it's not intended to replace professional advice. Consult with a doctor if you want to implement medical cannabis in your treatment.